Our History 

          AMF is well established in 2016, with the aim of quality management education to be progress, not only in the area of daily managing activities but also in the area of academic higher education. AMF is also supported to his students with the facilitation of a new learning management system, including an online library, online classroom, conference room, chatroom, mobile application for convenient study,. etc.. And also, on the subject of the physical classroom, well experienced and acknowledged lecturers who provide on teaching, coaching, evaluating, and making assessments to our students in line with the global educational standard.

Our main purpose is to raise up quality education in academic sector and to build up the managing and working capacities in the daily business environment.



           With the aim of filling up the gap of skilled staff problem in current company business sector and

pulling up to international educational standard level, especially in management, language & business

field which is effectively supported to promote the company business in developing countries, we set up our

foundation called AMF Management Foundation (AMF).


Our Vision

         To envision that our online campus has to be an international standard level in teaching, consulting

and supporting of relevant management development sectors in near future.



            The AMF Management Foundation is being existed with the good aim of management knowledge

(or) intellectual property sharing to requirement sectors where, as an effectiveness, the standard of applied

management education will be internationally booming in near future.


About us